4-in-1 USB Flash Drive
4-in-1 USB Flash Drive
4-in-1 USB Flash Drive
4-in-1 USB Flash Drive
4-in-1 USB Flash Drive

4-in-1 USB Flash Drive

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Afraid of bearing the risk of losing data on the way? Don't wait to backup at home anymore- Backup your data instantly right after taking photos / videos!

4-in-1 USB Flash Drive is a portable & universal USB disk with 4 ports - USB 3.0, micro USB, lightning & type-C for easy data transfer between different devices.FEATURES:

  • Easy Backup your Data - Instantly backup your photos or any file of your mobile phones to this USB disk anywhere
  • Universal USB Disk with 4 Interfaces - USB, Micro USB, Lightning & Type-C
  • Fast Data Transmission - Up to 30MB/s, supporting data storage for most devices
  • Large Capacity up to 64GB
  • Portable Design -  Strong metal case with a small lanyard makes it easy to attach to your key ring
  • Support Multimedia Formats - Hold all your favorite media & important documents, including high-resolution photos, MP3s, movies, presentations & graphic files
  • High Data Safety - Advanced encryption technology protects your data safety of your devices
  • With Protective Covers
    • Shell Material: Metal
    • Size: 4cm x 4cm x 5cm
    • Data Transmission Rate: 30 MB/s
    • Maximum Read Speed: 85 MB/s
    • Maximum Write Speed: 20 MB/s
    • Operating Temperature: 0℃-45℃
    • Working Voltage: 5V
    • Working Current: ≤80MA
    • Capacity: 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB
    • Interface: USB 3.0, Micro USB, Lightning, Type-C
    • 1 x 4-in-1 USB Flash Drive
    • Before using, please download the App software (Y-Disk)
    • If it doesn't respond to the plug-in, please see if the phone has a protective cover
    • If you remove the protective cover and insert the U disk, the phone will automatically pop up the App download

    Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order